viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


Mayor Neftalí Correa Díaz expressed before the Government his concern about the handling to date, given by the Departmental plan of Water, specifically in the time to be waiting for these to go through the audit of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development. The mayor of Tumaqueños added that the Plan of Nariño has to execute 96 billion pesos in Water and Sewerage but it requires 16 billion more for the Water Supply of the Department to make significant progress and the results could be highly positive for the population and thereby dignifying their quality of life. Given the issues raised by the Mayor of tumaqueños, the Advisor of the Viceministry of water, Iván Mustafá, pledged to decentralize the audit and develop in Nariño the three works days to be executed for the review of 90 projects to be developed this year in the Department, indicating that the conference will take place in the months of May, June and August; and that the activity will be developed positively welcoming the concern regarding the issue brought up by the Mayor of Tumaco. He also said that they will aim to make possible the 100 billion dollars that is scheduled to invest in the Departmental Plan and added that the 16 billion needed to move forward are already reserved but judicious planning must be performed in the departmental in order to have the resources. Likewise, Dr. Correa Díaz, on behalf of his brothers in the Pacific Coast of Nariño, referred to projects that have not been submitted within the Department Plan of Water which involve 7 municipalities in this area and indicated that the Fund for Peace had made a commitment and the projects were due in June of the previous year but still has not been made and questioned regarding what to do for his brothers of Pacific Nariño to have the opportunity to have structured projects that are viable for these areas. With actions like these, the Mayor Neftalí Correa Diaz continues to demonstrate that his commitment to Tumaco is extended to the other municipality in the Nariño Pacific Coast and with the efforts and work that is being developed to continue fulfilling our social and Inclusive Passion seeks also to improve the living conditions of the brotherly town.

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