miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011


Many were the mobility difficulties that the inhabitants of the Nupa daily faced because of bad situation in which the access roads were; situation that was considered by the administration of Dr. Neftali Correa Diaz who has been working hard to improve the quality of life of Tumaqueña people. Following the exercise to give dignity and better conditions for those living in rural areas of the Municipality, the city administration contracted works of the 2 main streets of the pathway of the Nupa in addition to the construction of a bridge and drains to prevent flooding; works that were put in the service for the community of the area. As expressed by inhabitants of the area's appreciation to the mayor is infinite as a result of his willingness and ability to manage that today's inhabitants of the Nupa have better conditions for their mobilization as the improvement of the streets, children and adults can travel without the risk of arriving dirty to the places where daily they should develop their activities. It is important to highlight that during the visit of mayor to the zone, the Youth Group of the area, made a presentation with rudimentary instruments, thereby demonstrating artistic talent in the folk dances of the region, which caught the attention of local Burgomaster who announced that he woul manage the steps necessary to enable the achievement of the instruments to support the music process that these young people have been developig and in the same way to adapt an appropriate place to carry out their rehearsals. In this way the Mayor Neftali Correa Diaz continues to work for the tumaqueños to provide a new conception of city development which will lead to fulfilling that great purpose of making Tumaco the best place to live Tumaco in the Pacific.

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