viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Adequacy of road and bridge construction in the Robles village

Representatives of the path committees, community councils, children and adults of the Vereda Robles joined into a single party motivated by the progress that generate integrated development for the community. Proof of this is reflected in the adequacy of the road and construction work of th bridge that is of great importance and creates a highly positive impact on the mobility of residents and visitors alike.
The work developed in the pathway of Robles had an investment of 639 million pesos that were contributed by the United States Agency for International Development USAID which were implemented by the IRD and had the constant support of the City Hall and Gobernación de Nariño through Pacific Management in addition to the community at the head of the Committee of Piñal Dulce pathways, Piñal Salado, Robles and the Community Councils. Wilfrido Landa,
representative of the Community Council Rescue Las Varas said that to them the May 2, 2011 is a day to remember with great eagerness and enthusiasm because it was a dream they had expected to realize for many years while thanking the institutions that made it possible for those who are mobilized by the sector to benefit from a road in excellent conditions.
It should be noted that in conjunction with the adequacy of the way the strategy was developed called the Painted House, a iniciative that motivaded the community to beautify the environment by making their homes with lots of color spaces, the same was supported by the firm Pintuco.
For their part, children of the group Fire Robles thanked with their dances the Chief Executive of the tumaqueños and the institutions that made possible the improvement of the road.
At the event were present Social Action Diego Bustamante, Miguel Rebold of USAID, Fabio Trujillo of the Government of Nariño, Col. Mauricio Miranda Police District Commander,
Lieutenant Commander George Blanco of the Center for Integral Action Coordination, the second Fluvial Battalion Commander Marine number 70 among others who were satisfied to make such an important part of a proceso allowing rural communities to have a significant progress.
Likewise, Dr. Neftali Correa Diaz acknowledged the support of institutions that actively participated in the project and indicated that in the coming days will advance the process of signaling the pathway while announced that his Government will continue to have presence in the area with the delivery of the classrooms that were built to improve the conditions in wich the students have their classes, also said it will build new classrooms for students Robles and similarly be advanced to enable the continuity efforts to improve the way to continue giving tumaqueños the best living conditions.
Finally, the Legal Representative of the Network of Community Councils ReCompaz Jairo Ruben Quinones stressed that this is how it built Governance, Empowerment and Population Development.

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