martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

With mass attendance and national and international speakers was held the first local water fórum of Tumaco

As a successful experience that meets the expectations of the community was rated the first Local Water Forum of Tumaco held in the Nariño Port by the municipal administration with the support of different institutions in which we can highlight Action Against Hunger, UN HABITAT, AQUASEO, Water of Tumaco , CORPONARIÑO and in the framework of the Campaign "Beautiful Tumaco Everybody´s commitment" Strategy that was designed with the goal of develope actions to improve the health and habitat of the population by encouraging it to participate actively in the process.
The first Local Water Forum held in the Pearl of the Pacific was set up by the Municipal Planning Office functions entrusted by deputy Mayor Veronica Holguin who expressed her gratitude to all entities that were linked to the process to raise public awareness about the importance and the care that must be taken to contribute to environmental conservation and water as a vital liquid.
For his part, Chief Engineer AQUASEO Adolfo Gutiérrez congratulated the tumaqueña community for the commitment that has been demonstrating for environmental care and preservation of water, taking into account that it is an essential resource.
Juliana Ruiz Nariño Regional Coordinator of the NGO Action Against Hunger, in the introduction to the Forum highlighted that it was a space prepared to discuss the situation currently facing the world and the region to the access and availability of water; reason which was forseen the need to work together with the community to raise awareness about the importance of water resources, care and management of water among users and regional decision makers.
It is noteworthy that in the different subjectsdiscussed in the Forum aimed to strengthen links between Health and Water, Water and Environment, Protection of Water Sources and
Responsibilities of political institutions and community for the future among which were :
Planet Earth as source of life was a lecture was given by José Castro Sotomayor NATURA FOUNDATION, then Carmen Rodriguez, Regional Officer of the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies IDEAM dictated the conference called for a Culture of Water.
Similarly among the topics highlighted Water Quality and Sea Coast of the Nariño Department which was responsible INVEMAR by Jose Sanchez, Impact of Hazardous Waste in Coastal areas, conference that was guided by Claudio Merino from ECOIGEN Chile, appropiate Management of Solid Waste by Luis Darío Sánchez of CINARA, Protection of Water Sources by Juan Carlos Narvaez from Mariana University, Water as a Right and Obligations of State for the performance delivered by the same given by Dario Ernesto Flórez of the Ombudsman's Office, among others.
Also Gustavo Barreiro Assistant Engineer of Water ofTumaco emphasized in the powers and responsibilities of the Company regarding the process that is beeing executed in the city by the specialized operator.
It should be noted that the Forum took the lead conversations which were very active, thus allowing the community who also attended for instruction on subjects related to environmental conservation and care of liquid water es essential for life, providing their ideas while they were satisfied by the space provided and urged people to engage with the process.
The event also counted with the participation of the band Remaj7, who developed a great process of awareness about environmental conservation through a recycling proposal made it through art and music played on instruments made of recycled material transmitting a message of love for the planet

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