miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011


Continuing action to make Tumaco the most educated of the Pacific, Municipal Administration built two classrooms and a library at the Educational Institution New Florida Morrito branch, a new reality built with passion that helps to dignify the work of students and teachers. The work had been put at the service of students but on March 28 officially opened with a significant event where the educational community with great joy received the Local Chief Executive who in a committed way has been working on improving educational quality. In the event the students and teachers thanked the mayor for the unconditional support that he has been given to education in the Municipality which has enabled educational institutions to improve their facilities and at the same time the conditions for academic activities. Ferman Obando, Principal of School, spoke about the immediacy with which the mayor gave viability to the project which now has students of the Morrito branch receiving classes in classrooms in an excellent condition and noted that the building work took two months with very positive results since the inhabitants of El Morrito neighborhood have a very good school with its respective library, the first one built in the municipality with a private bathroom. Likewise, on behalf of the entire education community expressed its infinite gratitude for the presence of Municipal Administration in the area which make them visible as part of the city and directly benefiting 185 students with a high degree of vulnerability. To the voices of gratitude to the Mayor the local students joined from preschool through the Basic Elementary who are the direct beneficiaries of the work done in the field of Morrito who in a very particular way expressed their feelings through an acrostic: We can Not forget your great delivery, Effort, dedication, integrity and strength For the Education of all the Children We Thank You Deep in our hearts your Unending struggle To Get each one of theObjectives and that our God will Give back day after day andYou will Receive The fruit of the plow because what is now planted with passion and tenacity will be harvested with love. For his part, Dr. Neftali Correa Díaz began by referring to the great process that is being developed that dignifies the activity of students and teachers by providing dignified and welcoming spaces for its educational activities and indicated that he will continue to work tirelessly on improving all educational institutions. The Chief Executive added that during his City Government, giving effect to that great purpose of making Tumaco the most educated in the Pacific and taking into account the spaces where students and teachers carry out their activities play an important role in improving the Educational Quality, they have been built and delivered to serve the educational community over 140 classrooms and other rooms for computer science, physics and chemistry laboratories, restaurants and restrooms, demonstrating that it is possible to give the tumaqueños better living conditions through knowledge and that education is the way and transformer motor of the People.

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