jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


Pleased was the Community of School Popular Technical Institute of the Cost ITPC with the visit of Mayor Neftali Correa Diaz, who came to the Institution in the company of some officials of his administration to make the official presentation of the 2 classrooms to improve theovercrowding problems that the students were previously putting up, in the event teachers highlighted the fact that we have a government committed to the processes of the ITPC and all educational institutions of the city reaching remote areas thereby generating positive developments for the tumaqueña society. ITPC´s Student Gilbert Anai warmly thanked Dr. Neftali Correa Diaz for the projects he has executed in the institution with which he has helped them improve the conditions under which students and teachers develop their academic activities. For his part the Principal of School, the Education Specialist, Carlos Ortiz said the work built in the ITPC, that was meant to serve the students, was made entirely with funds from the Municipal Administration. Similarly recalled the commitment of the local Burgomaster which is due to the completion of 2 major work for the ITPC educational community: The School Restaurant and Library, requesting that it be named after Luis Felipe Solarte, Founding Principal of the Educational Institution. It also highlighted the support of the Municipal Administration in the installation of broadband allowing them better access to the Internet and at the same time asked the leader that before he leaves office will build a space for teachers to concentrate on planning their activities because the current organization does not have a teachers lounche room. He said the purpose of making Tumaco the most educated of the Pacific is the route to be followed to ensure progress and emphasized that the Ten Year Education Plan is the best strategy for not going back because the educational process in Tumaco today has a clear path. Keyla Rocio Mendoza Municipal Education Secretary stressed that the work that is being developed is the result of a team that is fully convinced that education is the transformer engine, the official added that her office has assumed with positive results the challenge of visualizing Coverage Education that Tumaco has and it has continued with the challenge to work for the quality for which they are making strenuous efforts to improve the physical plant of the educational institutions for students and teachers to have decent space for their activities. In his speech, Dr. Neftali Correa Diaz said the ITPC is breathing new air and indicated that it was chosen by the National Government as Friend of Tourism which allows it to lead projects directly with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The Mayor said that his work has been for the students who are the reason for the educational process. Likewise, he said that in mid-April, will begin construction of the School Restaurant and Cultural Center and Library will be located on the second story of the Ministry of Health and will be administrated by ITPC Educational Institution while gave approval to the request made by the Principal and announced that the Popular Library of Technical Institute of Costa will bear the name of the founder of the school in recognition of the legacy that today has made it one of the best in town. The Mayor emphasized that his Government will continue to work to generate initiatives, projects, programs and public policies to further progress in improving education in Tumaco and highlighted the achievements that today has placed the municipality on the sixth place nationally product in compliance with the Municipal Development Plan and the goals set by the Ministry of Education. Finally stated that the work is done for making Tumaco the most educated in the Pacific will continue as Education is the way to break people's ignorance.

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